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"Don't come with the aim of helping me thinking that you are better than me or think I need help"

I have been reflecting and bordered and definitely felt to share and learn from others about the statement above. I know the statement above sounds like I am arrogant but the reality is most people especially the past week I have been trying to work with have that mentality. As much as one think one needs help because he is poor in a certain place e.g. financial is the same measure as the financial challenged individual will think about the "rich" in certain areas e.g. wisdom. A human being is holistic and have different fields to nurture e.g. mental, spiritual, academic, physical, emotional... and the list goes on and on. How to nurture them is a different topic of its own. Not everyone will be strong in all of them. Before I get too deep we all need each other irrespective of any distinctions. I have seen the title above making individuals who are 'rich' financially get angry and don't want to SHARE with the counterparts 'the poor' financially. I have seen the insecure sponsors (who real cares about getting attention, marketing and their brand not caring about the life and friendships of the individuals in rural areas) walk out or pull out of which I will anytime of the century celebrate. We need friends, respect and love before any material things. No one lives in a separate planet. We are family.

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