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Job Alert

Job opportunity for all Provinces Grade C Security Officer Jobs Are Now Available at Bidvest Protea Coin closing date 31 October. 2021

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Close to a very few people but those few people mean everything.

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Be True To Yourself

Do not rob the process allow yourself to go through it all. There will be times where you face setbacks, delays, oppression, rejections, downfalls, betrayals etc, understand them anyway and establish yourself

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Your Contribution

Your contributions will be highly appreciated, we request an amount of R50 or you can order our apparel for only R210 a t-shirt, R150 a cap. The profit that we make goes straight to our organisation account. Roughly calculated; with 10 Youthzones members contributing R50 a person = R500 and 5…


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Heritage Month Preparation

Preparing for heritage month event. It's been hard and sweaty but we continue to put in work. The event aims to raise funds for our organisation, this will help us be able to support our activities. 

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Youthzones it's a friendship that has prepared me and many other young people across South Africa for the future.

I'm grateful for all the opportunities and resources. E-learning is the future that Youthzones has prepared me to…


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Roosevelt's "The Man in the Arena" speech


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Rhythm Of Life

When we think in terms of music, rhythm is the strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

So, then, Life Rhythm is the strong, regular, repeated pattern by which people do life.

Added by Tanaka Bobo Mpofu on August 25, 2021 at 10:10am — No Comments

Happy Birthday Doc Mabila

Happy Birthday Doc and I know one day will pay for your birthday vacation to your favorite or rather your place where you connect with yourself after all the handwork you do, Happy birthday Doc Doc

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Pusha Mzala

Added by Tanaka Bobo Mpofu on August 23, 2021 at 10:55am — No Comments

Job opportunity

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Daily Motivation

Great leaders read a lot and they are always willing to share their wisdom and understanding of life and through reading biography of different leaders who have overcome many challenges in life it gives us hope that we can also face those obstacles in life and be great people that can also be a example in our communities  never give up Keep pushing p…


Added by Tanaka Bobo Mpofu on August 19, 2021 at 10:29am — No Comments

Where it's going.

We are heading in a direction of deep self-reflection and self-identifying.

The young boys have now become young man I'm so proud and happy to have had a positive impact on their live hoods/upbringing. We still have not parted ways but we are growing and have the understanding that each of us has a different way of thinking and doing things.…


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How it all started.

The journey started a long time ago, almost 12 years now when we use to play half-naked 

We were young still finding ourselves (self-identifying), important we were celebrating what we had and appreciated what we had at the time. It was a very satisfying time. I'm grateful for I have had the opportunity to impact some knowledge on…

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Making Moves

it is always a great feeling to be part of something that has potential or shows the potential of becoming bigger than its initial state.

I am very happy to announce that I and the other guys (team) are busy working on establishing a system or a way to sustain our initiative (team). One of the ways amongst others has been spending our own time…


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Leadership is not a tittle

As a leader, it is very important to begin first by recognising your rituals, standard, vision, drive and mission before committing to taking a stand to lead. See if it matches the needs of the people if it doesn't then consider redoing/rearranging your structure.

Some of us who are privileged to speak to people from time to time particularly the marginalised people of this beautiful country South Africa are making the most of the opportunity not to impress but to contribute towards…


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In most cases we have seen lot of township boys stuck in soccer and having their high hopes to make it a carrier, yes its a beautiful thing but we must not then make it a priority lets take it as hobby something that you love to do cause soccer has its ups and downs if not taken into a closer look , one may ask what will happen if you get injured and your carrier ends that is absolute a question that most of the young talented soccer players don't have in mind but what then shall we say…


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My Journey Part 2

Then I was admitted on the 26th of February expecting the operation to be done on the 28th of February 2021 but then after being admitted they had to reschedule my date to the 3rd of March and was very excited to get my leg amputated and when the day arrived day before they told me that they can not take me for surgery cause the Dr who was supposed to do my operation said he cant perform the action because of my confidence his worry was if the operation doesn't go well it will strongly…


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SMME and back

When we found our shop like this (lookup) after the lootings and we had to dig deep in our shallow pockets just to stay afloat. Life seemed unfair and super biased.

We hung on for dear life (as should a good entrepreneur during such times) as the dream is not just to sell to school children but to open our own Kasi (township) Diner hence "Angie's…


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My Journey

My first attempt to do my operation failed at the last after already booked for theatre but then it didn't happen Doctors and nurses went on strike an I had to be discharged and it was an experimental operation of ankle fusion. The second attempt after three months when I went back they said they cant do me the operation cause I had blister on the leg…


Added by Tanaka Bobo Mpofu on August 13, 2021 at 11:25am — No Comments

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