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Helderberg on DSTV

Good People about the same time tomorrow catch Nkosi Lobi Sigenyevu together with Linda Pistoli and Doc Mabila on DSTV Channel SS4...to be exact it will be at 14:30...Helderberg yingingqi…Continue

Started by Bobo A Sotiya Jun 1, 2012.

Helderberg Netball League to play at WP Netball Union Head-Quarters 1 Reply

#Funding-Secured...Netball Board Games on the 16th June, held at Western Province Netball Union Head-Quarters situated around Belville, Western Cape....As…Continue

Started by Bobo A Sotiya. Last reply by Nkosi May 31, 2012.

Helderberg LFA

Like in every Season, Exactly the same month, date and township.......Teams are batling for the number spot both Division A and B.With Defending Champions Young Chiefs topping the League unbeaten,…Continue

Started by Nkosi May 31, 2012.

Together With Inyanda Thus Far...

In 2010, our country was to host the FIFA World Cup, and our community was to be without a Fan Park to watch the matches and the festivities.Organising the a Fan Park for our community was our first…Continue

Started by Bobo A Sotiya May 28, 2012.

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Comment by Ayanda Sacred on June 11, 2015 at 9:57am

Xa bendinaMama... Ngesendineqiy'ebotshe ngaoahambili... #ecula

Moleni eKapa

Comment by Ayanda Sacred on March 13, 2014 at 7:05pm
About to take a Video of Xhosa girls doing their thing. "Hey...... thongo laaaam......!!!!!!!" #singing#
Comment by Nonkululeko Maqhubela on February 3, 2013 at 8:14am

Hi guys

Comment by doctor mabila on June 4, 2012 at 10:37pm

This is Abongile Sotiya 's story from Helderberg

Comment by doctor mabila on June 4, 2012 at 10:35pm

In 2008 I began my tertiary career at the University of the Western Cape; I was doing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I pursued this programme because I wanted to work with the people, and I was inspired by the great potential that goes unrecognised in our communities. In the same year that I started my education, I was exposed with a number of
developmental workshops that were offered by ECHO (a registered NPO that offers Personal Development workshops for selected students) that in the second half of the year, I wanted to share the great learning experience that I just gone through with the grade 12 learners from the school where I did my last three
high school grades. In organizing the workshops, I fell in love with the experience that I was so convinced, that serving the people in my community was what I wanted to do as a career pursuit.

The following year, still furthering my tertiary career at the same institution, it was in March to be exact, I told a friend about my intentions of setting up some community projects. He liked the idea, considering that I have known him for some time and understood his passions, I invited him to be my right hand man in this envisioned adventure I wanted to undertake, because I needed someone I can count on as I was still an
active full-time university student. He agreed to my invitation and I made him promise, as I said unless we are together in this, I will not pursue the idea. We became partners in figuring out the best way we can serve our people as I have grown-up in the area.

Late May the same year, I had to visit the local library as it was my custom, and one of the librarians asked me why was I not at the meeting that was held at the local museum, that stands next to the library. I couldn’t give her an answer, and I don’t know why, after I got what I was looking for at the library I went past the museum, I was interested on what was it that they were on about that the librarian would even consider my particular attendance, I guess people do learn a thing or two about you without you necessary knowing about it. When I got to the meeting, I realised that the local SAPS were planning on organizing a program to commemorate June 16. I wanted to participate in organizing the event, so I became one of the front runners in putting the program together.

Comment by doctor mabila on June 4, 2012 at 10:34pm

The event was very successfully, that after the event I called the team that I worked with to share what I had in mind. The meeting went well, but I realised I still had a lot to learn as the questions they asked concerning the program I was presenting to them choke me up, of which I felt that I needed to do more research to solidify my idea. It was from this meeting that I picked up potential team-mates in making this idea a reality. At the time my earlier introduced friend was in the Eastern Cape visiting his family, so I picked up four guys and a lady. I had a meeting with them the following week, and they gave their input giving more substance to what we wanted to do. Out of the five people I picked up from the organizing
team, I was left with two guys. We extended an invitation to two more people, a guy and a lady, who later left for the Gauteng Province, on different reasons. We later invited another lady to join the team. So late 2010, the team had five people. In mid 2011 we invited two ladies to join the team. So we made a solid
team that was sold-out to the pursuit that we started over the last two years.

Our idea was that of organizing the youth within our community to interactively and collaboratively work together in determining what they wanted to do in exercising their responsibilities. So we needed the youth to recognize our existence and earn their cooperation in making our idea a reality. On many occasions we were at lock-heads as we wanted to receive the attention of the youth, and we needed a strategic entry, that didn’t just announced that we were around but we meant excellent service and we had the youth’s best interest at heart.

I have always been interested on what was happening in the community, could it be political, educational, social or spiritual, I wanted to be informed. I had a high school class-mate that was involved in politics. Early 2010, they were to have a meeting with a certain committee in the community concerning a certain subject matter. I didn’t have much to do that certain afternoon, so I decided to join my class-mate with her
colleagues in seating for the meeting. The meeting went well as I observed the proceedings, and certain projects on the pipe-line were discussed. On the attendance register that passed around, I took note of a contact number of a certain gentleman in the meeting as I wanted to make a further enquiry about
something that was mentioned during the meeting. Two weeks down the line after the meeting I made contact with the gentleman, and he was glad to hear from me, as he had something he wanted to organise for the community at the time. He needed young lads for a project and the project was to organize a big screen in the community hall to televise the 2010 FIFA world cup matches for the members of the community to celebrate the festivities of the time. So I explained to him that the previous year I did help a friend of mine, who did a similar project, in televising the Confederations Cup matches at a local high school hall.

Comment by doctor mabila on June 4, 2012 at 10:32pm

I told him about my team, and that I will discuss the matter with them, and report back to him on their response. We organised a meeting with the team concerning this particular projects and we all agreed to take up the challenge. We began working on its out look, and organised a presentation to present to the gentleman and his colleagues. They liked what we presented and gave us the go-ahead to pilot the project. The project was such a great experience and a great break-through in penetrating into the community under the banner of our organization. That became our first project and it got us the attention we needed, as now we could begin to pursue what we wanted to do in the first place.

I remember after the success of that first project, realising the magnitude to which we had to organise and manage it. I felt cold feet getting the best of me, as I invited my earlier friend to a discussion about putting our pursuit on hold until further notice. I believe the pressure was heavily concentrated on thinking we will never live up to the standard of the response the project enjoyed. I believe a lot of people would agree when I say sometimes, it seems better to leave something whilst everybody still has good memories about it. Anyway that was not our pursuit; the program helped us to reposition ourselves. It was a couple of weeks later, discussing the glories and short comings we had in hosting the project that we had to look further in the horizon to pave the road that we trusted to best afford us with opportunities to realize our pursuit. We had to decide on what we will do from there onwards. The year came to a close, my mind was kind of numb to an idea of running strong with what we wanted to achieve.

We started a new year 2011, we had our meetings as the team, and I was dragging my feet at the time, but I began to realise the attitude every one had in ensuring that our ship is sailing strong, I thought I should pull my act together and live up to my objectives. The team took the lead in organising the necessities, needed in doing what we wanted to do at the time, and I admired the attitude to which they carried themselves.  April 2011, we were busy preparing for an eight day Sport-Fest program, that was to host both netball and soccer tournaments. This was the birth of our first annual program, in our list of yearly programs.

To be continued…

Comment by doctor mabila on May 8, 2012 at 11:01am

We are also having a netball league running at the moment which we establish last week. Thanks to Abongile for all the efforts

Comment by doctor mabila on May 8, 2012 at 9:37am

On Friday, after spending time with all our friends (the netball team, the soccer teams, the pre-school, inyanda and Supersport crew during the rainy week, I did my final touch up by making sure B360 wireless internet is functioning after having a good chat with the sponsors. I also gave the laptop to Linda Pistoli of LFA which I must say is the best in all our sites in terms of running football for the community and working with other community organizations or initiatives. I also met with LFA football squad which consists of the best players from all teams under the association. We then did life skills games and activities on Laziness, responsibility and Unity and we then held facilitation session rather dialogue communication discussing way forward as role models for the kids out there. And we had interesting ideas where some of the players will be coaching juniors of different teams rather than drinking in front of them. And straight after the session Cibi, former Dynamos player, started coaching Manchester United Strand. I also hang out with one of our former beneficiary, DJ Ozzil, who is now owning his own music company called KP and I changed some skills with him and he is definitely far head in terms of DJ-ing since he works hard and practice a lot. I learnt a lot from  him. I then had to drive to the airport to rush to PE and then Somerset East straight to night training of Brothers FC

Comment by doctor mabila on May 4, 2012 at 6:15am

Done with surprise Supersport shooting visit on site while at work yesterday in a cold, windy and rainy weather . I can't sleep reflecting on what happened to the youth and the whole thing. There is more to share but the bottom line is if one doesn't respected or loved especially the vulnerable youth, it just cause more harm to that individual or feel violated in ones' freedom of space to make best decisions. That person can do anything for self-protection. I had to be there for the youth and for the shooting crew and make the environment friendly and easy the nerves etc but eeeeeish it was most challenges for both parties. That's why it is very important to befriend someone before engaging in something . We all need each other. We are family. What one is and that is what the energy or the picture you are portraying to the next person. If one is sad or insecure, at most times you automatically make the next person to be the same in most chances. One just needs a friend, someone to laugh with, someone to share with. The best gift you can give to someone is attention. Insecurity is everywhere irrespective of who you are but we need to work on it and knowing who we are


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