How the power of Sport can bring us together and drive social justice.

Through Hlawula Vutomi initiative a great collaboration between Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Parque Nacioanal de Limpopo and South African National Parks funded by Peace Parks Foundation.

Hlawula Vutomi means choosing life, for all of us ''choosing life'' means different things. We humans are as unique as our fingerprints....more so. We are all given thinking power, power to take the right decision and the power i.e. mental strength to bring our decision in practice.

''Young people learning to make smart long term choices that will better their lives''--Teramai Makumbe from Mutare, Zimbabwe.

The community in focus come from villages inside and around parks, namely; Machaule, Chibotane, Mavodze, Macavene and Massingir. Villages with no water, no electricity, no high school etc.

Beyond its immediate physical health benefits, sport can be a vehicle for well-being, tolerance and a means of raising awareness and lessening the cultural divide.

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