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When things happens, never give up! The good days, are to come.

I did my Matric last year and i couldn't go to school as i wished. This made me realize that life is not only about me and things sometimes will never come as we wish they should come to us. I know that no one needs a pain in their life, but surely i will let you know that you cannot have a rainbow without a little rain.

Tough times never last but only the courageous people do, like our "YOUTHZONES LEADERS" who take care of us and who are always there for us. Being submissive to our Leaders and being obedient to them is better than sacrifice. 

Am so happy because I've leaned that no one is meant for failure. Just be positive, love the people around you irrespective of their situations and their culture. Good days are to come, stay firm and let us change the world positively. it might take time...yes, perseverance is the mother of success.   

Sizo phumelela, sizo finyelela in all circumstances!!!

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