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What you should know and do when are in your 30's

When you are in your 20's you can be foolish,make mistakes and get burnt and blame being young. Hopefully you look at all the challenges you have faced,learn from them and make batter decision in your 30's.Move look at things you should know or do in your 30's

                 INVEST FOR THE FUTURE.

Financial Advisor, Michelle Dave,Says at the age of 30 you should have surely made some fundamental choices in your life. She says if you are happy with what you do with your money and feel that you are copying financially, that is what is important. If you haven't already saved towards your retirement and your children tertiary education, you should start working towards that you should also put aside money towards an emergency fund,she says ,An emergency fund can be used for fixing or replacing broken appliances that were not in your budget.An emergency fund could also be used for sustaining you after losing your job.That is why I am such a firm believer in budgeting every month,she says ,According to Michelle at the age of 30 you should not be buying on credit and taking out personal loan.she says you should have investments and policies in place and always ask yourself, Do I need this or do I want this? Before buying things.

                LIFE LESSONS


Choosing the bad boy every time and knowing that, the result will be bad means that there is a problem. Professional help can assist you to find out why you are choosing similar partners time and again, says social workers.


Being accountable for your action is a conscious act .Blaming others for your actions is an easier option, choosing the easier option still has consequences often negative.


Friend are important. But if the person has a negative impact in your life or they drain you emotionally, financially or any other way you should reconsider that relationship.


It is important to mourn your losses rather than to avoid the pain .You should seek professional assistance if the loss causes you to become dysfunctional.

               YOUR HEALTH MATTERS


A pop Smear is a test used to screen for vertical cancer. According to the government from the age of 30 every women should have a pop smear every 10 years but in the private sector you can have it every three years.

HIV:At the age of 30 every women should know that they need to use a condom in order to prevent HIV,unwanted pregnancies, STIs and other SYDs.You should do an HIV test every three months because of the window period the time between potential exposure toHiv information and the point when the test will give an accurate result.


You should know by now to wash your hands after using the toilet before eating or cooking and before touching a sick person. When you are men's trusting you must change your underwear regularly whether on your period or not.

BE STRATEGIC: An article found on the Robert Walters web site,a global recruitment consultancy. Say  doing your job really well isn't enough if you want to climb the career ladder.The article says you need to show your employers why they should promote you in a positive resilient and strategic way.

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