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treating people like they are a ten rand note

Ain't it ironic how we treat people, because of their mistakes and who they are. ain't it ironic how do we treat people categorising them because we think they are less than us. just because I am not privaledge as you are that doesn't give you the right to judge me, just because he or she is in prison that doesn't give you the right to judge them, just because she is a prostitute that doesn't give you the right to call her names, simply because you don't know where they come from and what they had to go through.

We ask or prefer people for people to be themselves but when they prevail who they really are we are the ones to judge them. I spent the day with prisoners from different provinces and I was honoured to be part of those people who in our eyes are so bad and not worthy of life. At one point I forgot I was amongst them because they were well behaved and second chance was written on their face, people do things they learn from them and they move on. The whole day was spent analysing how they think how they behave and how we can be so all cruel just because we think we better than them and think we don't have sins just because they don't show like theirs.

It's better to believe in the goodness of people other than reminding them how you want them to be or how bad  their mistakes are.


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