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Wooooooooooo i made it i'm going to Grade 11 next year. I now understand the meaning of having good friends by your side, giving you advises, guiding you and supporting you in every situation you come across. Though I come from a very disadvantaged family i didn't let that affect my concentration on my studies, i was focused and determined to make it this year, and i did it. All this happened because of the courage i got. I was convinced that i can change the situation of my Mother and my self also, by focusing on my studies, i was told that everything is possible only if you believe.

Once again i would like to thank my Mother and Cyril for supporting and lastly for introducing me to the Youthzones family. I speak from the bottom of my heart that if it was not because of him i would be nothing today, but trouble to my mom, i would be irritating as salt in the eye to my mom, nothing but an addition to human population on earth. But woooo I thank God for he loved me so much that he sent good people to save my life, to lead me to the right direction as i was already lost.

And to those who failed, please be encouraged by your failure, it doesn't mean that you were stupid it just that it was not the time for you. Or maybe you were good but you were not going to cope/ or something, only God knows my friends just stay positive your time will come. Please don't take in to consideration the laughter's of those who are laughing just because you failed, they just don't what they are laughing at. And lastly always remember that those who are now first will be last and those who are now last will be first, the Bible said so.

Thanks guys for reading my story.

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