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Skills of living are not taught but acquired

Is definitely not easy to be secure and confident enough to stand challenges out of my comfort zones. Real skills of living are not taught in the room, classrooms or workshop but in everyday encounters and actual how one react in a certain circumstances, actual the skills are acquired. How do I react in certain circumstances or come out of those circumstances. I just reacted nicely to a middle age man of difference race and looked rich who was trying to be rude and get in front of me and being funny in a restaurant while working in my computer waiting for the car to be fixed. He then after a while came to me and I was still not sure if he is going to be more funny and rude. And he apologized for his behavior and he became my friend from there. Is easy to do things or react in a certain way while emotional. So is not wise to make a decision while emotional. Is so easy for us to lock people in the classroom or workshops or seminar while we do so called teaching life skills etc only to find out most of the participants when they go out into the real world they end up in the wrong side of life. I always say most of us we spend much of our time planning "meetings" by the time we go into the "meeting  of life" no one is there. Real life is living it everyday and see how one comes out of situation and make wise decisions and learn the lessons. And the whole process is simply experience which is acquired. And how one react to certain circumstances is also influence about one's internal reflection and having something to look up to (hope). Love, respect, unity, forgiveness, unselfishness, discipline, responsibility, hopefulness.. is just not taught in the room but have to be lived. How do I get myself to live them in my everyday encounters? There is a thin line between good and bad.

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Comment by Schalk van Heerden on August 14, 2012 at 3:29pm
I agree with all of this Doc... They key is having time space and true friends to reflect with...

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