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On the 9th till the 12th September 2019, I'll be in #Bloemfontein for a newly formed program named #SIMUNYE it's serving under Isolate Iziyobisi banner. Anyway, since I am a Bloemfontein child it crossed my mind that this program should hatch in my hometown before we take it nationally.

Obviously, we can't do this alone but with your support and your helping hands. Bear in mind that this isn't about oneself or own capacity building but that of the people especially young people. We look forward to working with every one of you who want to see change.

Being in the field for almost a decade has taught me so much about myself and about other people, specifically, the people I have met over the years.
1. We are quick to react to attacks 
2. We are insecure 
3. We are judgmental 
4. We undermine 
5. We have a lot of hatred
6. We ignorant

This program will act as an expansion of what #IsolateIziyobisi entails presently. However, it will focus more on talk sessions, remember Isolate Iziyobisi is action-driven. We will focus on the following aspects;

Importance Of Sports
Importance Of Indigenous Games
Life Skills
Free & Open Dialogues (both gender)

The good news is that we have spoken with leaders in the following provinces #Gauteng and #EasternCape thus far, the responses are positive. If you want your province to be part of this program talk to us anytime we will put your province on our #SIMUNYETOUR

Aim & Mission of this program is to reinstall the abandoned fundamentals - respect, love, gratitude, harmony, humbleness, innovation, and spontaneous intelligence.

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