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Just had a blast today 7th May in Tarlton with some of the FGK church members, Bobsa Pusha Mzala and Nomabali Mapela.
We had a reading competition, where the coaches were given a task about a week ago to give books to kids and then we will have a reading competition.
We don't realize that there are lots of benefits to reading, which screen-based activities don't have.
Firstly, it's better for your eyes, will stop here for now.
One thing I personally love about reading is being transported to another world- I often forget the time or things that are going on around me .
I must say the kids were shy at first but after sometime they were coming forward like crazy..besides you know kids are drawn by prices. There were different kinds of prices; legos, colour changing cups, food parcels, diaries, soccer balls, throws, toys etc.
Everything went well, kids were excited to read and show their friends what they won. And we were trying to teach them also the importance of sharing. When you win more than one gift you have to share it. And, boy they did share!
We also had a young man winning one of the huge price of the day, which was a notepad that comes with a wireless projector.
Also the turnout was just amazing.
Again thanks to Youthzones and the FGK church members for always giving of themselves.
Thank you to our YZ leaders in Tarlton, Coach Cadbury, Sis Maria and Sis Emily who all work together to keep the kids out of the streets and making a huge difference in their community.

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