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Ohrigstad Laerskool-unknown and inspiring example of how SA should be

Today I was inspired and encouraged after Schalk and I visited small primary school called Ohrigstad Laerskool. The school is got about 120 kids from different races. The kids we just like a family, playing together and not seeing colour and even the teachers are so friendly. The school is 105 years old but it is still kept clean and neat.

The kids are taught to pick every paper on the ground and never beg and thats a rule at the school. And this is happening because of leadership skills of principal Ronnie Ferreira. She is an amazing person with good heart and cares about everyone irrespective of race.

These are people who are needed to be part and parcel to build our beautiful country. Her story need to be shared nationwide not junk we read on newspapers. We played a fun soccer game, literally with all the school children. It was fun but the kids were just amazing including the girls. And how they respected us during the game, they called us oom. Simple things like respecting, picking up the papers, not begging etc is still something in my head which I am thinking how many of us don't have that in our heads.

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