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Nyaope destroying the dreams and future of youth in communities

My heart is torn apart when i see what this deadly drug is doing to the life of the youth in different communities, young people are having good visions about their life but those dreams will never be fulfiled because of being addicted to nyaope .in mamelodi i spend most of the time talking to the addict what worries me is this guys are so talented a God given talent some are good in art and soccer to mention the few i also ask them about what caused them to use this drug most of them say they experienced it with friends because they want to test how it feels and it is easy for one to can test it but difficult to can quit it.

The community is crying for this to stop because this addict steal and rob people in the community for them to get the next fix.

what can be done to help this to slow down deeeep thought

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Comment by Schalk van Heerden on May 24, 2013 at 2:10pm

eish, when i was young my parents, teachers, pastor, etc all made me so scared to try any type of drug, so out of fear of addiction and destroying my life, I stayed away. But maybe it is because otherwise I had a good life to look forward to, full of opportunity and hope... Who teaches and inspires kids today? Who mentors the young, because most parents behave like children anyway... I agree, very sad and depressing. What to do? I dont know...

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