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We don`t realise how much we have until we see other people struggling for the things we don`t even value. We`re just running after material things in a never ending race to acquire more things. In the midst of it all, we don`t pause and thank God for what we already have. We forget about the poor, while we splurge on silks, waste food and show off, let`s remember security guards, street traders, hawkers and rickshaw pullers. These people don`t earn much and some have families to support. It won`t hurt to give them and extra R10. I know R10 may mean nothing to you, but for them it could be a glass of milk for their kids. It could be a small chocolate for their little ones or bread on their plates. There are people who have a tendency to give to the poor what they would not accept. When clothes are torn, will they look better on the poor? Why wait for the bread to be stale before giving it away? If we can`t donate fresh food today when we have plenty, we should at least not offload the stale bread later to the poor. Remember, if they get sick they won`t be able to afford medicine. So help but don`t make it worse.

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