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Yazi life is full of suprises.... Life can shake u until u want to commit suicide and you your self say naaaaa why must I do that because there are people who are experiencing worst situations than my self..... Life can change your future plans .... Life can  change your career unexpectedly and that will bring you more enemies.

When i had nothing, struggling like every child I had lot of friends, I had lots of people who loved me but 2018 when my life was changing very fast I started to loose people that I was close with very fast too.


2018 June I started a new Job as a traffic police officer at DMPS which was out of my future plans because I never thought I will work in a force when I grow up mina nje I was just applying like everyone, taking chances that maybe I might be the luckiest girl and yes surprisingly  I got the Job than that where God started to show me who are my real friends and people I should leave with because most people instead of congratulating me they were  asking some saying......

*Who was your connection?

*Who did you sleep with?

*How much did you pay?

So in my mind was like okey this is what they think while I went through all the process of physical test, aptitude test, interview and medical test infront of them than they started to badmouthed me.

Life is so unpredictable because it shifted my career mina I never thought I'll work out of the office because when I grew up I wanted to be that office lady wearing formal with high heels and now here I am wearing boots everyday serving and protecting my community, Preventing crime and enforcing bylaws everyday and now I really enjoy my job more than everything.

So... my point is not everyone will love you when you are progressing in life because of jealousy forgeting that God planned our lives differently so my time to change my life and be a better person has came early and no body can take that away from me because their time will come too, it can be not tomorrow or too soon  but at the end their time will come so they must be patient, have faith and hope that their day is still coming.

The time they starting to gossip, badmouthing and do all the bad things just keep you head up and focus you will see they will cut them selves out than that is where the real life will begin lol uke uzwe if kuthiwa *IMPILO IMNANDI NGEZITHA*  yes it is true because they push you going up, you use them to be step up forward, you make their back bone your bridge to cross over.... so just be happy if they are eliminating them selves because atleast they are showing their true colors now that is why people are say *INJA IKHONKOTHA IMOTO EHAMBAYO AYIYIKHONKOTHI EMILE*

Abaphile abantu....

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