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Many times we fail to act because mentally, we are unprepared. But such neglect is a dangerous thing; opportunities slip away. My beauty pageant was explosive and the community member had alot of fun. I never thought id pull on an event so wonderfully. Organising was draining and some days i felt like dropping out but something in me kept saying 'be strong and do the right thing'  I've gained benefits from this experience; social benefit (engaging youth with the community), psychological benefits (feeling good about myself and some satisfaction), and cognitive benefits (earning new experience and developing new skills).

The contestants on the other hand have a different perspective from before the pageant. They have learned that a pageant is not about winning and wearing a crown. Its all about what you do after that. Serving and trying to be the best of themselves whatever may happen. Some have gained self-confidence and that they should not rely on peoples opinions, but only what God created them to be.

Thank you Youthzones for sponsoring my pageant, it was a massive success. Thank u Doc for coming out to support me.

Proud Model!!!



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Comment by Khuthala Swelindawo on November 1, 2015 at 4:52pm
thats an idea altogether lol...thanks hey...we wont stop
Comment by CYRIL CR7 on October 27, 2015 at 9:30pm

wow we are so happy to see young people doing what they see in TV and think that is far from them but you brought it closer to them and for them. you changed many people's mind set and enlighten their dreams. im so proud of you and I hope to see more...maybe Youthzones's got talent.Hahahahahahaha just imagine Doc singing hahahahaha, you can vote him straight to the fanals. 

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