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These days if your 30 have a car, house a perfect job and marriage your very lucky.
You finish matric at the age of 18 then go to University 4 years. At 22 you complete your degree. Look for an internship . By the age of 24 you get your internship or a six month contract. After companies have used you they don't employ you. They exploit the next desperate graduates to cut labour costs.

At the age of 25 your unemployed, fed up you decide to get a job at a restuarant. Save money . Then do a PGCE. Complete your PGCE by the age of 27 by the age of 30 you will be a teacher if your lucky or end up going to China to teach there or Thailand.

That's reality. The reality that we do not want to talk about.
Will settle for whatever comes. The obstacles are too much along the way. So you end up in a job you don't like just to make a living.

My advice to you is if your 20 relax most people are in jobs they hate with horrible bosses 8 hours a day. You might see them driving nice cars with beautiful women every weekend. Deep inside they are depressed.

On your 20s focus on learning and sharpening your skills. Building networks, connections and good relationships.
Focus on branding yourself. Don't be greedy.

Forget about getting a house and making unplanned babies. Focus on building yourself. So that when your 30s you live the life you want.

Focus on learning and gathering as many experiences as possible and forget what other people are doing.

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