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It is an honour and a priviledge to be given an opportunity by Youthzones and Xstrata to be able to empower the Youth and the community of Lefaragatlhe in general. I would be operating an Internet cafe thanks to the assistance from Youthzones and Xstrata which the main focus will be empowering youth and the community in terms of computer skills, literacy and alleviating the problems faced by youths and kids of Lefaragatlhe and the townships nearby. I will be focusing in everyone starting from kids, young adults and adult who are illiterate and willing to learn in order to excell in future so to not struggle should they find jobs. The internet cafe will commence under protocols which I will set by myself. I will be helping school children with homeworks such as researches and assignments and also opening emails for them and the people of the community. The aim is to take the youth from the street in order to be active using internet nand keeping them busy so to not be in a state of abusing alcohol and fighting teenage pregnancy in my community. The internet cafe will be accessable to everyone who will be interested in surfing for internet and I will also be helping the community with the curriculum vitae's because I have noticed that people are unemployed because they are unable to submit cv's because they are computer illiterate and struggle to make the cv's coz they have no money to pay so I will be conviniencing the in order to apply for their job related in order to decrease the number of unemployment in the community. I will be opening the emails for everyone, faxing, photocopying, assisting with computer skills and scanning. I would be more excited to see youth engaging in such positive thing in order to benefit in future workplaces and reality coz we are in a world where technology has taken over so to be successful you should be computer literate. My dream is to see such initiative be successful and continue operating in other sites so to help empower the community in the people living in it. Thank you Youthzones and Xstrata for recognising our efforts and empowering us so we could empower fellow youth and kids so to our community to grow and develop. I am honoured to be given a chance to develop and help my community to grow and to be part of the people who want to fight the challenges we youth faces in an everyday life.

Keep empowering us guys so we could be better people in future. Big thanks

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Comment by doctor mabila on November 22, 2013 at 10:26pm

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