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Hope has always been our vitality, I say this because some of us tried to use knowledge over hope when faced with difficulties but it has never worked instead our hardships exacerbated.

Hope gives one a sense of belonging and understanding of the situation and strength to keep going. Hence a parent will always tell his kids that it's going to be alright. I remember growing up my mother constantly communicated to me that things will be alright, up to this day when she says the words they still melody to my ears. Though sometimes I wasn't convinced due to the fact that the situation at home wasn't hopeful. Thus it appeared to me as a typical say a parent will communicate to his children to exterminate their frustrations and put their mind at ease. Ten years down the line, we are still holding on to hope. We still hope that things will be alright, one day.

I remember some nights my mum will boil water pretending to prepare a meal for us until we go to sleep, or borrow money from friends/mashonisa and struggle to reimburse it and they'll come to repossess her valuables, television or paraffin stove (flame). Sometimes I'll hang around my cousin's/friends place until supper it's served, honestly, leftovers were better than going to bed with an empty stomach.

One day we were asked at school (primary school) to bring food for our economics project, this it really tormented me inside knowing that the other night I went to bed with an empty stomach and now I have to bring food that's not there for a project, well I offered to bring potatoes on the day, one friend jokingly said " Mbalo why ukhetha into elula njalo" I just smiled. Chomi yam if only you knew ba nezotapile zifumaneke ebunzimeni. I had to cancel everything after school to seat at the local market (street vendor) just so I can ask the market owner for deteriorated potatoes. It's situations like this that built the person I am and contributed to my character. Look, I've always acted tough even when I'm at my lowest, but now I am able to allow myself to be vulnerable to some situations because I believe growth it's invulnerability.

Knowledge's key to making decisions and closing deals and so forth, but the hope is what keeps one going, difficult times need hope, not knowledge.

Always keep hope alive. Things will be alright, one day.

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