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There was a saying, “crime does not pay”, it is true especially these days, because mostly criminals do not pay but the victims do pay, they get food and lodging, and free medical too! Crime it becoming common; it seems to get worse, there’s attacking and stealing, and snatching of purse, lot of violence is getting worse.

Old age is in fear for their lives neither the young who got raped nor human trafficking / smuggling that is destroying them, what devil got into us nations, we living in a world of no mercy nor love were people attacked in the brought day light, at their own homes get beaten badly for their hard working belongings.

Our living land has books full of laws, that don’t seem to work, people’s lives are harassed, and these laws should be followed, not broken or bent. The things you do during the dark will catch-up with you during the day, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the glory of God.

Count your feet and stand firm for the power does not come from hate, violence, nor corruption but from the truth. Change your living, change your tone, change how you been seen, when you still have chance, for time waits for no man.

Truth!!!  Truth!!! Truth!!!

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