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let's talk business.
Look at the most popular and successful food franchises.
-Chicken Licken (not sure of spelling)
-Hungry Lion
-Mc Donald's
-They all have international, effective, powerful and 24/7 income flowing business systems.

How did they reach there?
*Well, it all began as an idea and it prevailed to success right?
Now let's discuss this South African idea which repeatedly fails to reach peak levels.

*Aaron Motsoaledi our minister of health once criticized Kota and declared that it was totally unhealthy during the listeriosis outbreak.
But I believe in Kota business!!
I believe that Kota can be international and beat these existing franchises.

Let's discuss what causes it to constantly fail.
*Owners of kota businesses barely save money.
*They don't desire expansion since most of them are self employed.
*When they gain good profit, they don't improve their facilities, they prefer replacing whenever each tool is broken or worn out.
*Most of them are poor in marketing themselves.
*Most Kota places are not well ventilated.
*Most Kota places have very poor chairs, tables and toilets.
*Since the kota places are not attractive, most buyers are take away customers.

Let's discuss ways to improve it.
*Build a well ventilated and spacious business.
*Install many good chairs and tables for your customers.
*Build toilets and install toilet papers, mirrors e.t.c.
*Decorate your business hence it's the most important form of marketing.
*Put hygiene and customer satisfaction first.
*Install music and play it at low volumes, it has a great effect on relaxing your customers.
*Invent new menus to accommodate every customer e.g vegans
*Remember, Kota can contain all the ingredients of a burger, so kota is an upgrade of a burger.

What's your opinion on this?

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