Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

Rich people's kids from an early age of +-9 are already active in family businesses and investments getting groomed to take over in the future by the time they are 20 they can run empires.
Poor people all we do as kids is getting sent to school and that's it,once the school is out learning or "education" stops,we then just play in the streets till it is dark and then we watch television until bed time,we are not groomed of anything and not protected from the temptations we face every day as kids.
From early age of 4 or 5 we watching a lot television and exposed to watching soapies,movies series etc where we see adults drinking alcohol,kissing and having sex all the these are painted in beautiful pictures,we see druglord,criminals getting rich and so on to a point we see those as a way of life and we dream such life and make it our goals....we are sold lavish lifestyles and short cuts to success from an early age.
From music videos all we see is alcohol,half naked women,sometimes drugs and partying,we see that as life...that's the "good life" television shows and exposes us to and that's what we wanna do when we are teenagers or adults because as kids we see those people on tv as happy.
By the time we are atleast 17 and completed high school (if we are the lucky few that makes it this far)...we are 1. At church praying for NSFAS to approve us 2. We alcoholics 3.Using drugs 4. teenage parents living on sassa grants 5. Party animals 6. We are robbers/thieves etc.
If we are to win this war as the poor especially blacks...we going to re educated ourselves and groom our kids from an early age at home.
That's why the rich always separate themselves from the poor by moving to expensive suburbs,sending their kids to private of the reasons is to protected themselves from people with poor mindset,destructive life habits,poor mindset and poor life decisions.

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