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How ironic it is when people want the best out of you and that you try your level best not disappoint but still they will be quick to point out your wrong doings the most and the good done by you nothing is said much about it. being satisfied is not a crime applaud a person on a job well done that gives them the edge to go on.

it's all my opinion there is nothing that i am saying is law. As a leader i claim to say i am i always have to expect better of a person after all that's how someone grows as an individual i don't need to remind you of your mistakes what good will that do to you but i have to be honest and give you feedback you don't want to hear tough love has to be shown in order you learn from your mistakes, i must not demoralize your spirit but when you feel down i must be able to pick you up and believe that you can do better no matter how much the blunder is. if you always see the worst in a person you will never see the good they posses or do, you will only see the bad that they do and think they are not capable of anything, you give a person a benefit of a doubt after all they human you too make mistakes. and when it's your bad accept it not put it on the other person just for you to have your conscious clean in the expense of someone else.

"being satisfied gives you the ability to see other things beyond ones mistakes"

stay beautiful

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