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Everyone can be a boss but not everyone can be a leader, being a leader takes different skills and a good adamant character:

Listen: sometimes you just have to listen to people without saying a word in return, be there for a person.

hear: listen and hearing are 2 different things when you hear you put into action what you have been listening too.

respect: you not only deserve respect but you need to respect others so the same thing is done to you as well.

empathy: put yourself in other people's shoes and bare with them because we from different backgrounds and not everyone is the same.

Delegate: don't make yourself superman or superwomen don't try to do everything by yourself but give people tasks and in that manner they are aware you trust them and that's where trust is built.

never judge: its not your place to judge other people but god has the power to do so we may lead good lives but your not an angel everyone of us has made mistakes and we learn from them.

never assume: this kills the spirit of the team if you are not certain of something rather ask the person and be sure. while assuming creates unnecessary bad vibes.

continue being you and stay true to yourself...and most certainly stay beautiful.

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