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ACHIEVING YOUR OWN DESTINY ENTREPRENEURS Your destiny is yours to define and achieve. Don’t let anyone else define what “Happiness” should mean for you. Even if you were to achieve your goals, your happiness and satisfaction would always elude you, because you would be achieving someone else’s dream. “It’s hard to be healthy, wealthy and happy at the same time.” However, striving to achieve a balances life that leads to health, wealth and happiness is certainly a noble pursuit. Successful Entrepreneurs rarely succeed on their first or second and evens third attempt. They fail, learn, make adjustments and persist. Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs fail and give up or never even get started. Our first step in achieving success is to envision it Entrepreneurs. Most Entrepreneurs can’t get past this first step, because they don’t even know what they would love to do. Dream and then jot down a detailed description of that dream, so you can close your eyes and see it playing out in your mind. If the path to your dreams seems a little rocky Entrepreneurs, don’t give up and settle for less. Stay the course to its absolute completion. The most successful Entrepreneurs in any field form a clear vision of their destiny; believe in it strongly and work tirelessly to achieve it. Thus, their destiny ultimately becomes their reality. So envisioning your success Entrepreneurs is the first step to building your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

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