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ABI turned in large number to make a difference in Katlehong informal settlement

Last week Wednesday, 23rd of August 2012, ABI staff in Katlehong under the guidance of Ayanda and William turned in large number to make a difference in the community. It was incredible. Not to forget to say what ABI is already doing in Katlehong through Youthzones. Young people are getting employed, some starting their own business like Vukani and Teboho 's clothing business, every sports club in Katlehong is got free internet and laptop, teams are exchanging or visiting each other e.g K1 and Non stop FC Soccer team going to share skills with the youth in Tarlton Informal settlement, netball team in Katlehong attended ABI netball tournament in Brits and is currently in Umlazi for exchange visit, the building of the club house in Mandela informal settlement and having mindset TV and DVD for learners and the list goes on and on and testimonials and appreciations from members of the community is beyond explanation unless one interact with these youth in the community. And thats exactly what ABI staff did, not only helping with resources and clubhouses etc but giving the community the best gift by visiting and giving attention to the ABI beneficiaries and befriending them. They painted the creches, and the main highlight is when they spent time with the K1 and non stop FC and played soccer together where the teams where mixed and just interacting and before the game we made a big circle where Doc introduced ABI staff to everyone and did a life skills activities on communication,listening, unity and respect and each ABI staff had to befriend a community member, I mean a soccer player. And after the interesting game, ideas and joy came from everyone including ABI staff who started had different expressions of having regular soccer matches or netball matches or even visiting Umlazi, Soweto and Mabopane sites. Some staff inviting us to the communities around katlehong and others wanted to train with the teams after work etc. And the showed just a small tool like social soccer can make people to come together and have different feeling after and have different ideas or expressions. If ABI staff can have different expression or ideas after the soccer game, so is the youth in the informal settle can do have the same. And after Ayanda invited both soccer clubs to have lunch together with the ABI staff, even though I couldn't attend since I had to rush somewhere for work in Mandleni and Gabon informal settlements, I had calls after after calls from players and coaches about ABI visit and the way they interacted with them and the lunch. I quote one of the message from Steve, the coach of Non Stop FC when he said " Inkosi Doc ne ABI, ni siyenze bantu lapha eMandela" which in english says "Thanks Doc and ABI, you made us decent people here in Mandela (I mean when he said Doc he wanted to say Youthzones staff).  This is the best gift we can give to someone to make someone to feel good and worth and be confident. This is building the inside of the person to start to be confident, feel valued, be hopeful, make right decisions in life and do what they want to do. Spending time with someone, laughing with them, eating together, befriending them it makes a big difference in life. Individuals don't change from outside in but other way. Infrastructures or buildings doesn't change one 's life in disadvantaged communities, they stimulate someone to feel good to a little extend and can make you feel a charity case with no sense of pride. In disadvantaged communities we just need to feel confident, hopeful and worth and have opportunities around us and we will even build our building by ourselves in future. Normally building buildings for us without building our inside, the building itself it will end up ruined. One more time thanks to ABI staff in Katlehong for the visit and Masi and befriending the community and making them feel valued. I hope you have many visits more often.

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Comment by Sakhile on August 27, 2012 at 8:32am

Wow, you're really making a difference...the message from the coach must be gratifying to you seeing all the work you do. Inspiring. Keep on being there for us bra!

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