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eita hoola to everyone

today i just want ti talk about what you see on my post tittle.

technology has a huge impact in our lives,it changes everyday.We get help from it.........many people may ask how??????????
well. we now have something called internet and is as also upgraded with technology,we get to communicate via internet and that is what i call cyber networking.It makes everyones' live's easier even adults can now apply for jobs…

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Hey everyone

i just want to talk about youthzones today

i never knew that i would get friends from youthzones by means of communication.
i love it,because we get to share our everyday life with our youthzones friends and we get to share our feelings in here.
to the founders of youthzones,i would like to say thank you very much it is so clever of you*wink*

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Have you ever thought of our heroes????????

Our herous fought for us,they fought for freedom that we are enjoying now.Now we have access to free education,health care and others.

Heroes like Oliver Tambo,stieve Biko and others secrifised their lives in order for us to be saved.

We should honour and respect that.We should accept each and every opportunity we may come across

thank you


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Education is the key into the opens doors for us in future.Education can make me drive my own beautiful car,it can make me run my own succussful business.Education is the key into the brisghter future,it moves me from one place to another,it moves me from rags to riches!!! i value and respect my frienship with you,and i really love you EDUCATIONEducation.jpg

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I fell so greatful

i feel so blessed bwt the place i'm living in because we have access to free internet,if it wasnt for it i wouldnt get friands from other places,thanx a lot for everything that has been given to us.

Added by Brian Nkabinde on November 3, 2010 at 3:57pm — 1 Comment

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