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Always push thing to be success and don't lost hope encourage your self says one day is one day last of last week we get damage in my tin house we broken all of them and now still on rebuilding in the old sink more holes on top of my tin house and still I am strong and keep pushing to get a right thing at the end 

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I would like to appreciate things are heppen in my life

To be strong in life u will win your enemies around u I am struggling to share things with u guys because my laptop she broke screen but up so far I fix it.sometimes u lost your property because of helping community but myself still pushing to helping people until until, I don't understand those people how are live with me course 2years back she broke my camera and now I don't have camera some of she playing far to me but all the time I tell my self forward I go no matter what 

I want…


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february motivation never lost hope in life

i am still pushing to help people around my community today i am helping other girl from free state to register a path time exam so i have a nice day with here and i show him a library we she start to get information and read the books course this place is to quit

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Improvement in your life is the light of success

After developed our community to the people want to be success due to work hard now I am proud course I am helping many people in y community to get jobs and other getting learnership on the companies so I will try to increase my effort to help those people are straggling to get incentive course I know if you don't get something to make you happy possible you mind negative course always you destroy your plans 

Again I change the level of football I play last session than now I play…


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The people lost focus because of lacking responsibility and she doing things before the time so if you are still alive don't panic course things happen in a right time 

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i would like to take responsibility for all things happen in my life

I want to say thanks for everyone helping me day and night no matter u are distance with me i will appreciate for that now i am better than three months back but always i am responsible to help everyone in my community and most of them are working because of me and youthzone are doing better for life

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life is too short

I am trying to help each and everyone in my community but those people are trying to help she jealous me because of i am a knowing many things via development so some guys trying to destroyed my life in a different way but now i am looking forward but i know because of youthzone leaders i believe all things must happened

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team dynamic

team dynamic are the emotional and mental factors under the surface that influence how a team behave and performs.the dynamics of your team will have to do with their personalities,what kind of work is being done under what kind of pressure ,and the kind of environment your organisation is.As a leader,it will be up to you to be awere of the dynamics in your team and guide them to a positive state that gets the best out of its member

four stage model for group decision-making

he… Continue

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Thinks youthzones to show me my enemy and those people says to me you eat money for the community comes from youthzones and now you have a motor bike but our young brother and sister we don't have nothing those child we help you to get things

I am strong enough and still pushing in my site

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Mind set

Always are growing the time we meet big challenge but after few days or hours we managed to solve it but guys I have a problem of some of big brother take advantage to me and tried me rough and most of the time I am avoid but this thing happen time and again so I need advise to you family how to deal with the problem

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Unemployment course poverty at my house course we need more things

I see many people doing wrong things because of unemployment but as we are leader at must to make a plan to solve your issue and sacrifice to the other people have something in hand and automatically is wrong course in life it must to have a plans to live free or get what you want besides of someone support you like charity in life it must work hard until you destroy things want to block you in life

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I manege to open my new site at ga-mampuru

I am producing a better leaders in my site steelpoort and thing difficult as long as we are ready to developed our site and see youth change your life style living drugs course now I have. Problem of other crew smoke nyaope so now I am busy fight with other boys want be addicted to the drugs

Guys as a leader let's do ethnic exchanged to change our communities because I know in my site if that youth see new face we are happy and forget to do bed things we pay attention to the person… Continue

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Make your structure or good way in life

Never accept wrong thing in your life fight to make things better bi matter u have something or not, now I am buzy doing my mind map I want to make ethnic exchanged on wensday I will go to check mashishing site to learn more and improve my life no one can i fit you if you sleep try the best I will assist u so myself I am take a trip to lydermburg (mashishing) no one tell me to do this I will make and improve my life and what thing are different in my site

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All the time hope is power

Thanks youthzones to make my life easy to get trip to improve our life and I will appreciate all things happen in my life in my site many people jealous me but I am learning from each other but those people want to kill me

And take my money to put petrol than other guy and my manege jealous me until now we don't give me my money back but for the leaders learn from our mastike

Thanks Schalk and doc

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I learn a lot about the person we are close to you but is your enamy

I am feel unhappy course I take my money to pay someone to transport me from home to jozi so that guys jealous me and destroy my life to grow up because those people are nearest to me as a big friend but always leaders learn from each other and learn from your mastike than still today those guys not refund me and I don't know why but I struggling to get money to make my trip possible and forget things are happen in my way I am moving forward in my life

Walala wasala all the time be ready… Continue

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Don't empress someone fight to get a way to be successful in life

Guys always do the best to your community to sarve those people in a good condition and be honest and humble all the time so in order to empress someone is the time loss focus course you do something in case of empressing not love that thing you do so try the best to change your lifestyle and learn from your mastike and you learn more in your life last time I am losing focus to see someone promise me job and tell me you are a good boy in community if you don't work we are helping people in our… Continue

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The most of people are unemployed are losing hope to do something to make little cash as long as u hustle to get job so nothing (mahala)in life something you get there something you do so guys fight for your future/life to stay a right situation do look next door course you stolen because of you see something get in and you want it,in my community I lean a lot but I am worried about youth depend to the parents and forget eazy thing your life,who are spoil you again after your parents past… Continue

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Last weekend I am visiting to June furse Johannes side just enjoying with my first from mpumalanga bushbuckridge

The opportunity u have just use it without fair me and my friend zenzeni Mnisi we enjoying weekend the time I play soccer at Ngwaritsi and learn a lot about ethnic exchange course my friend tack (spulaba) languages so always it must to improve yourself to know many things in life

Sometime we are stay one place because of leaking money to go any where but this year I am fight for my life get what I want possibly I make this to improve my life

All leaders be positive all of them… Continue

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Ethnic exchange as soon as possible I want to doing ethnic exchange from steelpoort to Bloemfontein to understand the story of other leader don't come to hike,

Always if you get a small chance use it don't mind and never get things if you sleep at home so myself I want to visit that side to learn more things about ethnic exchange are doing at hike than see through my eyes and comper lifestyle for two side and see things are help me to improve my life.

This opportunity to see different place and different calture it is important to us course many time are struggle to communicate with different pwople (language) so now is the time to learn… Continue

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Ihave enjoying with different culture and have funny

Ethnic exchange is too important for us course we learn from each other but basically with the different calture,to know each it must meet first than u gonna have a lowlights than the time we visited this calture physical u get highlight,in future it must appreciate what u have and what u share in your life.

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