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never give up

giving up in life is a sign of failure to face challenges that God put to test your faith .Most people end up using drugs,involved in criminal acts only bcos they dont want to face the challenges ahead of is a journey where only those that are patient,have faith will reach their destination.The good life that we are looking for is found behind the hardship .all that happens in life happens for a good reason perseviarance is the mother of succes ,the harder you work the luckier you…


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Feedback from Teramai after Manica Mutare Exchange

Hi bro


The exchange game with our friends from Manica (GDM) went on very, very well. It was so refreshing to meet with all those friends, the likes of Nelson, Waru Waru and that music guy!! It was also good to see the re-union of Bruce, Pingi and myself as we took time to remind each other of our unforgettable 2010 World Cup experiences!!! We also laughed it out as we remembered Waru Waru's "World Cup" experience at the RSA border!! We cried…


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Believing but I cant sit and wait!

All along in my life I have being doing big mistakes of believing and hoping things one day will get better. I have being stereotyped living out of fear, insecurities, low-cofidence.  I have been watching things going from worse to worst hoping one day things will get better and believing in it. As much ADIDAS say : "Impossible is nothing" or Sony says "Believe" is very important to consider Nedbank 's Slogan which say "make things happen" or the latest : "Success doesn't come to those who sit… Continue

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Nothing done or no one is there!

In life is good and very important to have a vision and plan and organize everything in order. It depends how long you take on the planning and organizing. Because in 20 minutes given in our lives, we use 18 minutes talking around the meeting table and 2 minutes on actions hence less work or no work done. And the danger is that most of us who we spend hours and hours planning a meeting by the time we go to the meeting there is no one. Some of us are useless when our mouths are closed because we… Continue

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Driving throught the beautiful landscapes of the Eastern Cape, enroute to the Free State. One thing is going through my mind, I can't help but feel in limbo, I'm neither here nor there. I ask myself how many people are in limbo, in all the places I've been to in last 3months, I've met people who are 'nor here nor there'. There is one thing though that is certain is I'm heading to the Free State, when I'll get there (only the GPS know) all I know is I will get there, come rain, snow,storm etc I… Continue

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Kamaqchekeza is now a well developing place and also the people themselves, now everyone in the community has hope. You can see that in their eyes that this people are happy and alive you know, waking up everyday with a smile, always looking forward to the next day.

I am very happy and Graetfull that the youthzone came to our lives and giving our communities a good chance like this to see the other good side of the world, and also to discover new things in life.



Added by Sicebile Nkuna on March 10, 2011 at 11:22am — 1 Comment

Enthusiasm leads to achievement

The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm. Knowledge is power and enthusiasm is the switch. There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

We all have a choice.

You decide what type of person you want to be.

I have always chosen to be in the first group in order to achieve in live. Big up

Added by Tshepo Mononye on March 10, 2011 at 11:11am — 1 Comment

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