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February 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Evaton North Sports Tournament

We always say the real heroes are not easily seen because they are busy doing something good and are continuing doing good out there. Not sitting around talking and polliticising everything coming across their nostrils or spending millions of hours on meetings.The Qedelizwe H. School tournament went well and big ups to heroes and heroins like Papa, Lucky, Simon, Mahlatsi, Clara, Juliet and the school at large. Above all big thank you to Youthzone team (Masi, Doc, Schalk and Emien) and ABI for… Continue

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An ode to all the bloggers

Everyody has pro's and con's about them, most try to heighten their pro's and work on their con's transforming them to pro's. Along the way we might struggle with our con's...a lesson never learnt is the same mistake made in the future. Learning takes patience and is your choice to make whereby the only person risking a loss (of information) is you. I love the fact that everytime I login to youthzones I find life lessons, and I'm motivated to better myself in all regards.

Thank you

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Life is full of choices,we are what we are today and will be tomorrow because of the choices we make in life there are a lot of choices that influence our future negatively and positively,you become a drug dealer by choice,you become a criminal by choice or a Christian by choice,you become a gardener,security officer,a builder or a taxi driver by choice,you can choose to marry,re-main single or be a can choose to ignore your culture or decide to have new friends,you can decide to… Continue

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I ....... dont want to wait again.....!

At school, I always go to class and learn a lesson and from there I go for the test or exam. So is lesson first and test after. But with life is vice versa. Test first and lesson after. I have being hoping, waiting and working hard and hoping that things one day will turn good in different situations in my life. But actually since I was born I have been trying to catch a fish by preparing fishing rod, baits, lines  .... in dry land, practising how to throw the line, how to look the baits while… Continue

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Perseverance springs from determination and discipline,often people have failed because they did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up,it's often the beginning or the end that are the most difficult times,but we have to stay on course,patience and perseverance have a magical effect,difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish,a pledge not to quit you've reached a goal can be crazy in the practical sense,but so are the most worthwhile dreams,always remember that the beauty… Continue

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In each of you,there is a seed,a seed of vast potential,a place beyond the ego mind....A place so rich and fertile that you can smell it's rich fragrance like after a cool summer rain.You can feel this pulse of life as it pulses through you.this infinite part of you a beacon in the night,that guides you on your journey...back the real you.This greatness requires just one thing,your awareness.Awareness though your breath,noticing in each moment how precious life… Continue

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Let us not abuse .....?

Everyday I get deeply hurt when I see us individuals living abusive life. We can be abusing alcohol, freedom, money, good people and list goes on and on. But to be more specific, my attention real get caught by abuse of alcohol and freedom in all the areas of my work or I can say where I spend much of time. It even starts in my own family. Where I see my own biological mother who is into alcohol big time and really abusing it causing a lot of costly damages around the family. Where it…


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