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Matric Outreach!!! (by Luvuyo Lonwabo Precious Bayeni) The time has come for the Grade 12 to make their mark. The year 2010 was clouded byhappy and sad memories. We saw the World Cup lift up peaople'…

Matric Outreach!!! (by Luvuyo Lonwabo Precious Bayeni)

The time has come for the Grade 12 to make their mark. The year 2010 was clouded by

happy and sad memories. We saw the World Cup lift up peaople's spirit and unity

within the country, and continent as a whole. That experience was short-lived though

with the Public service strike that dragged forever, needless to say its

consequences still haunt us even today.

Despite all this it was then necesseccary…

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There is one thing I cant run away from. That is MYSELF. I am an individual who is very weak when it comes to confrontations ( I am getting better) simply because I feel/think for others how will they be after I said or done what I needed to do after confrontation. Even saying NO is still a struggle for me. It is not good for me. I guess that 's one reason which made me not to continue playing soccer in elite level or any world where it involves anti-personal/emotional characters. There, is not… Continue

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We are all different,and we all things in common.our diversity enriches us,and makesus stronger,wiser and more creative.when you have a prejudiced view for or against something someone,we call this bias,a stereotype is a fixed idea that we have about a particular person or thing.Discrimination means treting a person or group of people unfairly because of gender,race,etc  for example,in…


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People are often unreasonable. illogical and self-centred;

                         Fogive them…


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Youthzone Impact on 2010 matriculants

Is great and rewarding to hear from different individuals to hear that Youthzone 2010 matric participants did well in the final exams and people appreciating our work and most above our friendship.

Below are some of the sms 'es I got this year recently:

This From Mr. Nair, Headmaster in Holy Family Combined School, Mogwase: hi Doc, Happy New Year! Good news: 100% pass and 72% university entrance. Please share with Schalk and Mr Meyer.


Bushy Maphotoma,…


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Success, Prosperity, Puccess, Prosperity!

Copmplements friends


It is great to be back in 20elevate, I hope you are all well and in good spirit. This year we must display more integrity, remember: Integrity is doin the right thing even if no one is watchin. I am humbled to be part of this generation, the generation that has got ambition.


Last year passed with its up and downs and yet we are still stand strong. Lets  do it again this year, lift our heads up and claim success. You may not alwys choose…


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........... pointed a gun at me, Real SA

Since I was born I never saw a hole of the gun pointing at me until 09/Jan/2011, 12h56  when a middle aged white chap pointed a gun at us outside on the street in Honey Dew,  Johannesburg.  I hear people complaining or being victims of hijacks, theft etc by black people, but today it was vice versa. I ( and my new colleague Masi) were invited to a celebration party of black child  who got six distinctions from public school after a lengthy strike in 2010. As we went out after the amazing… Continue

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, its the year to elevate oneself to greater heights, excitement is everywhere. I'm definately excited to join the best team in SA - Youthzone. I can't wait to meet everyone at their respective homes and sites. I know this year is going to be AWESOME!

Added by Masiphilile Dlamini on January 5, 2011 at 3:02pm — 2 Comments

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