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To most people (especially black people in urban areas) growing up in a rural area seems like a boring experience, with dull memories and thought to be a huge set back. To some extend i would agree with them, but i would never trade those boring and dull memories for anything in the world. I was born in siyabuswa and that is where i have spent most of my life up to this point. Before I moved to an 'urban area' because of my studies, i always thought that i would have been better off growing up in a more 'fancier' place in the bigger cities of S.A. And after living in these 'fancier' places for the past 1.5 years, i've gotten to love siyabuswa even more. i know we do not have tar roads on every street, i know we do not have lamborghinis passing every minute you turn towards the main road, i know we do not have big malls where you can shop-till-you-drop, and i know and i know and i konw.. the list goes on. But i know that i have a mother that would die for me, i know that i have a big family that will always care for me, i know that i have a neighbour that will look after me, i know that i have a community that will protect me, and all that added together, in my opinion, is 'real love' from all corners of life. You can get that only if you grew up on our sandy streets, THE DUSTY GROUNDS!

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