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We received a visitor from England, who cam with Alec. This time, it was not Will, but Phil! Here is some comments from Phil after his stay:

"I feel extremely privileged to have spent a month in Manica with GDM. When I left the place in August, on my way back to London, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that
I would return. What did I want to go back for though? After all, football is not
really my passion! I think the answer actually begins with the name of the club

Grupo Desportivo de Manica. The words “de Manica” here carry much
further meaning than a mere geographical reference. To me they really speak of
Manica in terms of its people, its shared day-to-day struggles, successes and
its continuously inspiring story.

Community development is not something I really understood before going to Mozambique. I realise now how important it can be, bringing people together to improve the quality of
their own lives and the lives of others in the society of which they are part.
I have taken away a deeper understanding of this from Manica and felt like I
could apply it positively in my own culture. The inspiration comes from the
individuals who are constantly investing in their community to realise a dream,
but in particular, a dream that is constantly evolving. The life of the club
has been and continues to be a journey of self-improvement. And that´s the
thing, GDM will never stop, turn around and say “Right then, that´s our job

The up-and-coming FutEco Park was an incredible project to see taking shape while I was in Manica. It is testament to the determination, ambition and persistence of the
people involved. The amazing thing is how everything is done in stages, as and
when it can be afforded; things don´t always seem certain, but the club´s
general optimism, positive attitude and drive take care of that. FutEco is
going  to be a very exciting place
when it´s finished.

Despite my relatively brief experience with the club so far, I am quite sure I will always be involved with it in some capacity. I don´t feel like I have simply visited GDM
and left. Rather, I feel like some part of me has been visited by GDM, and that´s
changed something about me for ever. I have the distinct feeling that I won´t
stop learning from it and will keep going back."

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