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Sharing is caring, most of us are very much familiar with the saying but often don't put a meaning behind the words said. when Sibongile the youthzones member gave Mama her phone the dedicated woman who makes sure the guys are fed and well taken care off. from that point on i learned Sibongile didn't give mama her phone just because she wanted to score points or make herself look good but she did it out of her heart and saw that Mama needed the phone way better than she did and that it would help her in the long run and will always be a special memory to both of them. seeing the two women overwhelmed by joy made me realise life is way more than the material stuff we have and sharing the little that you have inspires others as well. i hope Mama enjoys the phone and does treasure it with love and a constant reminder she is indeed loved and thought off. 

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good cause deserves to be rewarded big up.

You are most welcome sbosh man it was great having on the trip too i don't know bengizoba stout nobani lol

Sibongile Sibiya said:

Thank you Lungi and I am blessed to have you in my life..Well written I am truly honoured by your words and I was very glad to bless her with the phone..she was such a welcoming lady and holds a special place in my heart..and I love it when you say ''Life is more than material stuff'' there is more important things in life than material things, I am always reminded that we came ton this earth naked and so we shall leave naked..thank you..and if it wasn't for you and Maria, Sdala, Betty, Sheila, Dikeledi and Fifi..I wouldn't have survived Manica..I am blessed to have you all in my life

thats true yeah, it gives the same person the urge to do more

sipho phiri said:

good cause deserves to be rewarded big up.

Good news Lungi Lunginho that is a practical lesson of giving.

 dankie tekinho lol.. and stop it wena sbongile hai la plz get a room lol#hides

Thanx for sharing this Lungi, yes its so great to see people caring for each other in real ways. Hopefully we can all inspire each other to be more open and giving. 

Pleasure is all mine schalla it was great witnessing and sharing this amazing story with all of U..hopefully that's the way it will work out.


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