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Never compare your children to other children in the community. We even grow up with this mentality of competing because growing up we are always told " Look at who he got all straight A's" or "Look at who his working now" That's why we grow up hating each other instead of helping each other. That's why your " Best friend" will not even bother telling you if theres an opening at her work place.

We must not pass this mentality to the next generation. If your kid is wrong tell him his wrong don't compare him to someone else's child.
We are a couple of grown ups who can't even work together because we were always told to compete against each other.

Sometimes it's not even with friends only but family. You find other family members celebrating a relatives downfall " See Mpho daughter the one who goes to a private school she's pragnant "
The hatred amongst each other is too much. We must not pass this to the next generation especially as blacks. I've seen some Indians working building family businesses and community businesses. I just wish we could learn from them and stop competing.

Alot of people are depressed not only because they can't find jobs but because of how they are treated in the community because they have no income.

We need to lift each other up.

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