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There is a time when the builders start searching for broken bricks so that they can fill a gap to make their work complete.

Some of us are like broken bricks, we were ignored, thrown away, considered as people of no value to the world but the time has come/is coming when there is a need of you to be fitted into their projects/lives to make it complete. At this point, they cant/wont do anything without you, their project will not look better if you are not included. Whether you agree with me or not but the fact is you are a solution to somebody and somebody's life will never be complete unless you are involved. They may be too proud today, ignoring your presence, expertise, qualifications and your efforts but soon and very soon you'll be needed.

You are better than what you think you are. Stop looking down upon yourselves just because somebody someday said something that made you feel inferior. You are a product of grace. Your life will be rewritten soon. You are an asset, someone is looking for you, someone somewhere is praying to meet a person of your calibre.

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