Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

In life there is fail and pass. Pass is the positive result we expect and fail is the negative result which everyone don't need it unless if you intend to fail, as for me I came long way try to have my own business even now I'm still working on it but I know one of the good day I will have my own business and I believe. And is not only business I'm doing also NPO of sport in general in our community. First my business is registered and I'm still busy to make tax clearance certificate,water rights certificate and land approval.

And my NPO is well registered we have the certificate,bank account and tax exemption but not funded and we are not going to loose hope we still fighting for funding. I know that i will achieve all the ideas I have and I will not going to let anything to distract me I'm a fighter and winner never defeated.   

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