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If we wait for the moment when everything absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.

These are the words that constantly remind me ,every time its the right moment, we ought to focus on living and strive to achieve for our goals at any given moment. when you wake up in the morning its a gift of life and an indication that god has greater plans for you. wake and live and don't wait for anyone to make things happen for you, you start making them happen yourself. time…


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In every work that you do ,remain you and let people love and appreciate the real you, never try to portray someone you are going to be a follower until when? why don't you start making people follow you instead and reveal your excellence.

you awesome just the way you are.



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there is nothing beautiful than thinking positive in your life, choosing to look beyond your situation and problems enhances you and your well-being. choosing not to complain or look down on yourself because you have this and don''t have that"rather accepting the little that you have is a good thing, there is nothing beautiful in feeling sorry for yourself.…


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Your source of Courage

As you take time to read it shows your interested and what I am about to share you will take it into consideration and try and apply it in your daily life.

As you look at your life and search for some kind of motivation, what makes want to wake up the next?

Where do you get your boost from?

Do you take time to meditate and find you inspiration?

Do you appreciate the little that you have?

Do you take time to thank god for granting you another day, the gift of… Continue

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Back again

Hi fam its been a while hopefully everyone is still intact and continuing being beautiful in your work, still giving hope to them kids.

God is great and with him everything is possible and can achieve anything and everything we desire with our hearts.

Stay Beautiful!!

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Everyone can be a boss but not everyone can be a leader, being a leader takes different skills and a good adamant character:

Listen: sometimes you just have to listen to people without saying a word in return, be there for a person.

hear: listen and hearing are 2 different things when you hear you put into action what you have been listening too.

respect: you not only deserve respect but you need to respect others so the…


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VVM is offering free training and better bigger brighter future to unemployed young people who are interested in a career as debt collector in the outsourced call centre industry.

if you can do the following:

  • Matriculated?
  • Able to work in Randburg CBD?
  • Can you work shifts?
  • Can you work Monday to Saturday?
  • Do you have a great telephone voice?
  • Do you have sound computer literacy?
  • Will you work overtime at peak…

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GED sites

So guys as we can review the number of people registered on the web on your respectful sites. We should not stop increasing the number as numbers speaks volumes to our work including yours as a coach or leader. In a way we learn and teach others the basics of using a loptop and going through the internet we should broaden the knowledge and expand it to other people. 

Increase the number of people on the web in your respectful site and you shall be elevated for your hard work...actions…


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Protea coin General security learnership

Hi guys hope all of you are well just a quick reminder guys about the learnership opportunity presented by Protea Coin, anyone who might be interested please do contact either Lungi or Simon or Ayanda on the details below. time waits for no man and nothing comes easy if given the opportunity seas it and make the best out of it, you haven't failed if you haven't tried. Lets go people. 243 5360 299…


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 Protea Coin Security Company will be offering 100 unemployed candidates the opportunity to be enrolled on a National Certificate; General Security Practice. This is one of the opportunities please don't get behind you will be doing this for yourself as you can grow as an individual and get the break through you might be hoping for. so don't get left behind. time waits for no man.for more info you can either contact Lungi, Ayanda and Simon details are as follow…


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For every girl and boy out there who fear and never attempts the courage to be brave.


We all have a purpose in life and our paths may never be the same, but that doesn't mean you can't make in life having fear is normal we human and no one is built solid but we ought to try never to fear but be brave. We ought to believe in ourselves more than anyone and faith in all things that we are doing and in everything we do we must put god first and he…


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Friday the 20th we as the Youthzones female from different sites leaders had a great day in learning IT. The day was filled with excitement, learning,laughter and building friendship. Disebo quoted its never too let to learn and exploring your opportunities I'm greatfull to be part of these learning experience.lessons learnt for the day were basic stuff like creating your…


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women who do it for themselves

Speak about women who wait for no one but stick it out, go out there and chase the dream.

This women is part of the reason why I love what I do, she not inspires me but she gives me the courage to go on. Dis dusty streets of Zenzele where the situation seems hopeless but she turns it into hopefully possibilities not only for herself but for young man and women…


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pulse check

Hi guys it is already almost 5 months in the new year, what have you achieved personally or with your team. are some of the goals and dreams still alive and what are you doing or still doing to achieve those particular dreams and goals...come guys lets share and see if we are able to find a way forward.


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treating people like they are a ten rand note

Ain't it ironic how we treat people, because of their mistakes and who they are. ain't it ironic how do we treat people categorising them because we think they are less than us. just because I am not privaledge as you are that doesn't give you the right to judge me, just because he or she is in prison that doesn't give you the right to judge them, just because she is a prostitute that doesn't give you the right to call her names, simply because you don't know where they come from and what…


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As we enter the new year you have anticipated good things for yourself, proper planning and staying adamant on your goals will help you. New years resolutions it makes no sense if you are to speak about them and make no action. Be goal orientated and never be afraid to take risk, never mind what people may say after all they always have something to say but don't let their opinions get the better of you. I would like to wish you all the best this year work hard and fulfil your wishes and…


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I had travel to Mpumalanga to meet some of the guys we working with and it was such an honour to have met the guys. My most highlight in meeting them and had the previlege of spending time with them were people from Kamaqhekeza, i had learned so much from them humility especially and respecting everyone equally. They are welcoming and work with great pride.

Not only have i learned something but i took some valuable lesson to use personally, and i am sure to practise them just so i…


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Often we do things we get so blinded that we lose sight of our happiness.

I would like to urge you that in everything you do don't forget your happiness, never allow people to determine you happiness. and never do things to impress other people because often they don't acknwoledge your hardwork but do things that when your no longer around your absence will be felt. fully be happy and you will enjoy what you do and always look on a positive side it helps.



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As we approach Zenzele we were puzzled to see as to why people occupied the grounds and the streets, to our suprise we were told the Bekkersdaal strike is making it's way to Zenzele concerning service delivery, and we were told the people who intrigued the strike are those of EFF. the police were there to prevent any damages that may occur as they(the…


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what are goals? what do you aspire for in life? do you challenge yourself and rise to the occassion? and become better then yesterday?

These are the questions you ought to answer to progress, everyday you have to make a choice do you choose to be better or do you stand aside and watch other people progress. fear won't take you anywhere but it will hold you back from what you want to become. It's one thing to talk about doing what you want to do and another to put action to…


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