Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

A big blessing it's being able to wake up in the morning, being able to smile, being able to speak to your loved ones, being able to plan a day, being able to have a small chat with your neighbours. It is a blessing cherish it and stop crying.

We are all able to do anything we put our mind into, this here it is a proof that no matter how hard life can be creating, planning and developing should be inevitable, simply because running out of a plan it is a sign of danger. The reality is, we stumble, we make mistakes, we fail, we lie, we cheat, we do all sort of wrongdoings but that should not be our permanent state.

Life is not easy, however, some of us at least we try by all means to not only look at the difficult side of it rather we look at all sides. We get stressed out over small stuff, we cry, sometimes we want to quit but because the passion and the love it is rooted in our system we are hopeful that someday like any other kid we will be alright it is just a matter of time. Ungalahl'themba bambelela.

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