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Xstrata creating hope amongst Steelpoort girls


More than 120 girls came together to play soccer in Steelpoort and interact and braai together etc. The tournament went extremely well with five teams participating and each team consisting of at Least twenty players. The whole…


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IN Prize giving went down well with some lessons

Today (5th of May 2013) prize giving to the well deserved soccer teams went well with bit of lessons for the day. The teams participated in the Ubuntu soccer league consisting of 15 soccer teams. These soccer teams  earned points not only by winning games but also starting their own initiatives e.g. internet cafes, spaza shops, pre-schools, learning…


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Is only money, infrastructure, material the solution for African Development?

Does Africa only need money to develop? After hectic past four days ranging from my brother being temporarily arrested in a notorious jail for failing to maintain his baby (being irresponsibly) and had to take him out with large amount before he was killed inside there and of which was not ideal thing to do, beggars in Mozambique crying for help and thats the only thing they know or think can help is when someone gives them money and of which doesn't really help and I always have a heart to…


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Intabazwe Prize Giving drama

Yesterday on the 24th of March Schalk and I drove down to give away prizes to the teams in Intabzwe which participated in the Ubuntu social League. The first round of the league has come to an end. And it was now time to resume the second round. But before that we wanted to boost the morale of the teams participated by giving them small prizes like laptops, modems, balls as friends. The teams were not only earning points by playing football but also through showing different initiatives or…


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I rather respect 'good values or ethics' in a traditions not superstitions or prejudices

I know this is a strong statement but superstitions, certain rituals, prejudices, divisions, etc is destroying our beautiful continent. 

This is eating me very hard: yesterday my friend's mom, in Eastern Cape in one of the sites where I work, called me his son is being missing for the last three weeks and she doesn't know where he is. I then called him to find out what's happening and he picked up the phone and he said he is in a traditional healer…


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'If they can do it, anyone can do it in the world'

Everyday I see us worshipping heroes and heroins who we don't know (through media) and we can easily get discouraged,disarrayed or demotivated once he hear bad thing happened to them or when they do something bad. Obvious they are not perfect and they are still human. But as my friend always say we should be inspired by people we know and relate to, we see them doing miracles if not being one daily in different environments.  Today I received a best gift ever in the post office. The…


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No time for blaming or complaining

One thing it has been bothering me deeply and I thought is better to share with others and learn from others also people let or leave things happen because they are waiting for someone to do something and blame someone after if he or she didnt do it. I see us going around blaming and complaining and we never move forward rather live the past. The past week I reflected on two things: the disadvantaged youth in rural areas who keep doing things with joy and never stop doing what they are…


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Where is our country heading?

I always say Mandela has done his part, Steve Biko has lived and still talked about is his legacy and the message he sent across, we need to do our our part also. The greatest individuals black or white has lived and planted a seed through their legacy to have a better country in the future. My question I am asking is what am I doing which will benefit my descendants or future generation in our country. We cant take it away that SA is a beautiful country. My heart gets broken when I see my…


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Little note to build make our country better

Little note to build our nation for our descendants and better worl. Yesterday there was two trespassing suspects who entered our offices and they got arrested. While they were being questioned by the cops, the boss of the building jokingly twice said to me, "tell your friends to leave the property". I didn't take that lightly and I didn't show my emotions but I laughed it off. As I always think in a bigger picture of every small act or encounter it can be to my "rich" friends or "poor" friends… Continue

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When waiting or dreaming means nothing

Yesterday on the 22nd of Jan 2013, while at work I got a shock of my life when I saw a bumpy, over-driven soccer field in Ikemeleng informal settlement in Rustenburg. But everyone looked chilled and not bothered by the conditions at the start. As we resumed training with our friends, it was a nightmare to train in this field simply because the ball could not be easily controlled, it was just bouncing everywhere and even running was impossible. I also fell hard because I stepped wrongly. But…


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There is no hidden secret! Hard-work

This morning on the 18th of Jan 2013, as I was driving to work around 5am I just saw many people jogging and surprisingly the guys in our company who I always see during the day when I am around at the office were already up and working. The IT guy was having a smoke break already at 5h20am. And I keep on seeing upcoming young guys or ambitious youth always admiring these lads and saying they are getting high salaries and living nice life. But there is no secret hidden: They simply work hard…


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Little lessons learnt in GDM, Manica Mozambique.

Everytime I visit GDM, is not only the place which makes me to be myself and free and feel home but a place which have environment of no-titles, hierarchies, non judgmental attitudes, hospitality, hard working, humility  and above all family. An environment where you see players doing things beyond football which can be gardening, picking garbage, coaching the juniors, making bricks, learning and bouncing back from their mistakes, becoming professional footballers. And above all they are not…


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"Don't come with the aim of helping me thinking that you are better than me or think I need help"

I have been reflecting and bordered and definitely felt to share and learn from others about the statement above. I know the statement above sounds like I am arrogant but the reality is most people especially the past week I have been trying to work with have that mentality. As much as one think one needs help because he is poor in a certain place e.g. financial is the same measure as the financial challenged individual will think about the "rich" in certain areas e.g. wisdom. A human being…


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Formalisation hinders creativity and success in self-honest individuals

As we always say people need people, rich or poor, black or white, big headed or small headed. And also people are different and unique have have special talents everyone breathing. And all these talents working together in unity and teamwork, the world automatically becomes a better place. Every person do things in a different way to achieve what they want and what works for Doc to get to achieve what he wants doesn't mean it will be the same formula of success for Grootkop rather one can…


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We all need each other

We all need each other, poor or rich. Reflecting while jogging in the impoverished village in Limpopo called N'waritsi on the 30th of September 2012. I was jogging with my girl, Aaron from Emmerentia suburbs in…


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"My daughter 's dream became true", says Lungie 's mom

After long day of work in Mamelodi and Jozi centre, I decided to hang out with Lungie 's family in Soweto so they can know who she works with and see my face. And the excitement about her new job and opportunity from the rest of the family , her twin sister, her sister, younger brother, mom and niece is inexpressible. The highlight was when her mom shed tears and she said with a smile that her daughter 's dream became true. She always wanted to do this. The rest is history.…


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The youth starting their own soccer league in Intabazwe informal settlement

This past weekend was incredible after youthzones team spent time with friends in Intabazwe informal settlement who after long time of injustice and corruption in the running of their football league got tired and started their own league. We were there to support them as friends to design the fixture the league, the rules, administration and put cash to get the stuff which will help them to run league proper. Everyone is so hungry for success, to learn computers. And above all they just…


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ABI turned in large number to make a difference in Katlehong informal settlement

Last week Wednesday, 23rd of August 2012, ABI staff in Katlehong under the guidance of Ayanda and William turned in large number to make a difference in the community. It was incredible. Not to forget to say what ABI is already doing in Katlehong through Youthzones. Young people are getting employed, some starting their own business like Vukani and Teboho 's clothing business, every sports club in Katlehong is got free internet and laptop, teams are exchanging or visiting each other e.g K1…


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Power of friendships and Respecting

It has been exactly a year since last I hang out with our friends in our current new ten sites and one thing it was going on in my mind was what will these guys think of me as I last saw them last year and everything was great by then and I disappeared for a year. We had to wait for a year to go ahead to work in these areas. To my surprise through our friendship, trust and respect developed between each other, all of them will still remember my name and welcome me with their excitement as I…


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Skills of living are not taught but acquired

Is definitely not easy to be secure and confident enough to stand challenges out of my comfort zones. Real skills of living are not taught in the room, classrooms or workshop but in everyday encounters and actual how one react in a certain circumstances, actual the skills are acquired. How do I react in certain circumstances or come out of those circumstances. I just reacted nicely to a middle age man of difference race and looked rich who was trying to be rude and get in front of me and…


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