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New local partner or friend of Youthzones in Somerset East

Dr Ngcipe foundation will now be assisting our friends in Somerset East site and continue with the work Youthzones has established. Dr Ngcipe foundation is named after local hero Dr Ngcipe in SE who did lot of missionary work in SA and Lesotho. His daughter Nomabali who is a close friend of mine decided to honour her father and continue living his…


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Mamas coming together to play football in Nkomazi

It was amazing to see mamas coming from different provinces and cultures and play football against each other. They became great friends, sharing numbers and for them seeing other mamas from different places from each other having the same passion, one could see in their facial expression how happy they were. They did formal life skill sessionon listening, communication and gossiping as a group. They enjoyed their football, danced together and shared the contacts. The teams were Montana FC…


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Grandmother's call appreciating what our friends are doing in Umlazi

Zanele Cele (of Umlazi 419, grandmother of Mukeleni Mthembu who is an orphan and plays for Umlazi Juventus FC) called appreciating the impact we made to her grandson and how discipline and focused he is. She said he is also doing well at school. This is an old gogo who just out of the blue ask for my number and called. This is not me making it happen but…


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Successful loving and humble Hero and a family man from Xstrata

He is a proud family man who is proud of his family. He creates happy environment wherever he is. One can see from his assistants. He is successful and he didn't come from rich family. He is a Soweto champion. He is humble, hard-working and loves people. The same character he portrays when is in his Xstrata office as one of the top managers is the same he does…


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Fantastic Brazillians hanging out in Gabon Informal Settlement

On Friday, 25th of October 2013, seven Brazillians from Rio De Janeiro visited Gabon Informal Settlement and hang out with their South African and Mozambican friends. They were accompanied by Schalk, Super Tom and his two lovely kids and myself. It was so amazing their first time to visit informal settlement seeing the real life in SA. The Brazillians group were just…


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The beauty of networking at its best

What a big surprise on Saturday, 05th of October 2013, on my visit to Rustenburg site I found my old friends from Tarlton sites playing top four with our new friends in Ikemeleng in Rustenburg. As I arrived, not seeing the Tarlton lads, I just heard someone shouting 'Doc, I knew you work here because of the soccer balls they are using here' and as I look that…


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R4000 website competition winner walked 15 km daily to the internet cafe

He never complained or blame but he walked 15km daily to use the internet cafe daily to participate in the youthzones Website launched two months ago and he will create emails for his teammates and register them in the web. Tshepo Mokwele of Rustenburg last won R4000 for his team.…


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One never knows who s/he befriends or ignores

Is amazing how attitude can affect one's future. One will never know who he or she befriend or ignores in life. I got so many examples whereby one's attitude affects one's chances to progress in life. One coach of a particular team in Rustenburg site didnt allow Schalk and I to train with his team and he simply said that we are from Johannesburg since we were driving GP car…


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Mbuzini and Drieskoppies becomes the new youthzones sites in Mpumalanga

Schalk and myself spent our week meeting our new friends at the new two established youthzones sites in Nkomazi region in Mpumalanga. Mbuzini is a very remote impoverished community and the beauty of this windy area is that is situated at the mountains separated by the border of Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa and it is also where one can easily visit Samora Machel Memorial. Driekoppies however is bit different and is more still rural and surrounded by beautiful sugar cane plantation…


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Gauteng Department of Education MEC Barbara Creecy visiting Brandvlei and Tarlton

Today it was not only a remarkable day for the youths in Brandvlei and Tarlton informal settlement but it was also special occasion for  GDE MEC Barbara Creecy as she kept saying that this is a day to remember for her during her visit to Ithuteng High School, where she met all the leaders from other GDE sites and interacted with them, she then interacted with the learners who were learning IT skills from Siyabulela and she then went to play netball with the All Stars netball team. We then…


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Blizzards FC wins R4000

Blizzards FC wins R4000 for registering more Youthzones Website members in the Xstrata competition. The competition was launched last month between Steelpoort and Rustenburg site. Players of Blizzards FC went to internet cafe everyday and register their members and create emails for them. They chose not to sit around and complain or blame. Congrats to Tshepo…


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Sdala Matibidi and Kameeldrift on eTV news

After coming back from night football match last night, couple of players of Kameeldrift gave me a call stating how they are happy for Sdala and the whole informal settlement because they were on eTV news last night. This is also good since last time Kameeldrift on the news was bad news but now this time is the true reflection of how true democratic SA should be seeing young South Africans coming together, living together and helping each other. Dirk, Anton, Schalk and John as young Afrikaners… Continue

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Attitude can take one anywhere in life, Sdala in Kameeldrift is an example of that

Yesterday on the 27th of May 2013, a girl by the name of Sdala in Plot175 informal settlement received a gift of her lifetime. She got a new literally fancy shack with solar panels, lights, water tank, taps, generator, warm walls. She deserve it or rather she earned it simply because she runs boys team, and she plays with them and she is a captain. She always there…


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Xstrata bringing joy and positiveness amongst the youths

The youth from Ikemeleng Informal settlement, Steelpoort, Lefarakgatla village, Tlhabane and Mogwase had time of their lives as most of them it was their first time to play football in the artificial turf field and also for them to meet their new friends out of their comfort zones and exchange info and hang out together the whole day. It was incredible. My highlight was when…


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Xstrata creating hope amongst Steelpoort girls


More than 120 girls came together to play soccer in Steelpoort and interact and braai together etc. The tournament went extremely well with five teams participating and each team consisting of at Least twenty players. The whole…


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IN Prize giving went down well with some lessons

Today (5th of May 2013) prize giving to the well deserved soccer teams went well with bit of lessons for the day. The teams participated in the Ubuntu soccer league consisting of 15 soccer teams. These soccer teams  earned points not only by winning games but also starting their own initiatives e.g. internet cafes, spaza shops, pre-schools, learning…


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Is only money, infrastructure, material the solution for African Development?

Does Africa only need money to develop? After hectic past four days ranging from my brother being temporarily arrested in a notorious jail for failing to maintain his baby (being irresponsibly) and had to take him out with large amount before he was killed inside there and of which was not ideal thing to do, beggars in Mozambique crying for help and thats the only thing they know or think can help is when someone gives them money and of which doesn't really help and I always have a heart to…


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