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Cosmo City-Oasis and Ikage visit Helderberg

Lorna and Rachel from Oasis and Mdu from Ikage Youth development in Cosmo City came to visit Helderberg Youthzone site (Cape Town) for two days on the 28 and 29 Dec 2010. It was very nice and the community at large enjoyed their visit. And people were uplifted by their visit and people are still talking about them. friendships were developed and some lads will be visiting Cosmo City soon. Nkosi and other lads like Abongile, Gcobisa... shared info and developed future relatinship with the Cosmo… Continue

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We can only get better

Thank you to everyone who is part of the Youthzone Network. What a year, 2010. From Peter block, world cup, xenophobia in Cape Town, Khulisa Training, Mogwase launch,  Soccer and netball teams and community projects doing much better and communities benefiting for the better and enjoyable SA. Most lads being inspired, some getting jobs, people being hopeful in life etc. The best thing you can do to someone is to GIVE than receiving. Giving someone resources to choose from (opportunities) and…


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Everyday is sad in my work when I see kids, youth roaming around looking for home or place where they will feel loved and being appreciated. You name it, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, SA is all the same case. The solution is not to give that kid that money rather INVEST in social parenting skills and bring the affected parties together. The relationship and fellowship between the parents and children is very… Continue

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A man who is being hungry for long

What will stop a man who has been hungry to show off or to have more material from corruption. This man has been hungry for long time. There is that void. Once a opportunity present itself where there is much money or material what will stop this man from taking this away from the poor. Is easy to be greedy when one grew poor/rich with no morals and take everything away from everyone to feel better or replace that void of pain of having nothing in a long time. This man has never has never…


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Blaming/shifting responsibility

First downfall of a man. I keep looking at every moment and what I see everyday is US, people, going down or losing the battle simply of shifting responsibility or blaming the others and not realizing we are part of the solution and problem. I always refer to myself, because I am not outside the circle, with all the blunders and failures I had or successes. Victory starts within me once I realize that I am no better than others and realise that I need others and the above Man to live, we are…


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Thank you guys/my friends on sites and YZ team

I share inner drop of cry in my heart everytime I get messages like this. You guys are special and heroes and heroins.
This is one of the very touch ones from someone I havent met or know:
Hey Doc... U r doing a very a great job to our community. U took our brothers & sisters away from the streets,away from alcohol and away from…

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