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Air pollution

Schalk and I went to train to one of the informal settlements in Benoni area on the 28/June /11. We arrived there around 16h30 but you could barely see someone in a distance of over 60m simply because of the coal smoke coming from the shacks. Things got worse when we started training with our new family because one could inhale the smoke deeply and even my friend started coughing. The lovely people in this settlement have no electricity hence they choose to go for this alternative to keep… Continue

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One of the recent years' issue bothering me has been the issue of control. I always witness how much damage as individuals we cause out there by getting into people's spaces thorough control. And in some unfortunate instances some individuals respond by self protection or rather say fight or lose it through temper ad hence most end up doing damage or offense and end up into violence or jail. If it doesnt end up either that way, you either make one feel like dirty simply because one can be… Continue

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Today the world we are living at is very tricky. People are killing, stealing and destroying people 's lives(directly and indirectly) for money and so called 'survival'. We are enriching ourselves through destroying our own brothers and sisters ' lives. We tend to value more, the material, money, our egos, our foolish ambitions than our fellows' lives and worse our own lives. Where is the loyalty today, honesty etc. Today is money first and we shall see later in terms of morals. No more… Continue

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Rudolph live on Carte Blanche

Schalk and I were overwhelmed when we saw one of our humble friend, leader, FSSA Board member, Rudolph talking about how to make to make SA a better place to live and why individuals behave in a certain and all these were deducted from his amazing research. I personally being a victim of the circumstances in SA as everyone and coming from challenging environment and exposed to lot of things he was talking about, I was just nodding my head every second agreeing with everything he said.…


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